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Keep on Walking with a Quality Rollator

Keep on Walking


Whether you are going shopping or just in the garden, a walker can help you to remain independent for longer. It will give you something to lean on if you’re feeling a bit unsteady, and the extra support can ease aches and pains.


Living Needs stocks a wide range of walkers in our showroom on Mill Road, Barnstaple – from basic walking frames (for mainly indoor use), to top-of-the-range Topro walkers (with sturdy wheels, a spacious storage bag, and an interior braking system).


When choosing a walker, the main points you’ll want to consider are:


Will it take me where I need to go?

Do you need a smaller walker for moving around your home, or a sturdier model for walking around town? Or do you need something that has the flexibility to get you wherever you need to go?


If you will be using your walker outside, you’ll probably want one with sturdy wheels to negotiate kerbs and uneven terrain. It will need to be made with hardwearing materials to withstand British weather. A good-sized basket or bag is also handy.


Is it comfortable to use?

You will need to make sure you can lean on your walker comfortably – ergonomic or padded handles are a good idea. The walker also needs to be set at the correct height for you – if it’s too high, it won’t give you the support you need.  If it’s too low, you may end up with postural issues and backache.   A walker with a seat can be a good investment.


Will it keep me safe?

A good walker should be sturdy enough to support your weight and have reliable brakes to make sure you don’t slip.  The Topro Neuro model has a reverse braking system – the brakes are automatically activated if the handles are released (this provides extra security for people with neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s).


Does it have all the features that I need?

You will need to think about how you’re going to use your walker, and where you’ll be storing it. A foldable walker is handy if you want to store it inside a cupboard or in the boot of your car.


It is important that a walker is properly set up by a professional, who can help you choose the perfect walker to suit your needs, and ensure that the walker is the right height for you.


Please feel free to phone Living Needs on 01271 374600 for more advice, or pop into our showroom on Mill Road, Barnstaple (open weekdays between 9am and 4pm).  One of our specialist team members will be on hand to give advice on our extensive range of mobility aids and home adaptations.  We also have a website (www.livingneeds.co.uk) and we are active on Facebook and Twitter – just type in ‘Living Needs’ and ‘like’ or follow our page.