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Early December Golden Years

Future proof your bathroom

As we get older everyday life can start to present new challenges and the bathroom is often the first room in the house that becomes unsuitable. Although it can seem daunting, making adaptations is an easy way to maintain independence and help you stay in the home you love for longer – it just takes planning explains Alan Kingdon, Architectural Surveyor at Living Needs who has over 30 years’ experience of adapting and extending peoples homes

“There are many bathroom variations or alterations available and there is no such thing as a single fix. Ultimately, the bathroom experience needs to be safe easy and comfortable.  However here are some key areas to consider when planning your bathroom adaptation….

Reduce Trip and Slip Hazards;

  • Remove steps and shower trays to create an easy access shower.
  • Avoid climbing over the side of bath and consider a level access shower.
  • Soft shower trays can now be built flush with the floor, so if you do slip you can be sure of a softer landing.
  • Stylish slip resistant floor coverings are also available as are walk-in baths.

Create Support ;.

  • One of the most difficult things about getting older is losing the ability to stay steady on your feet.
  • Install a little extra something to hold on to in the bathroom.
  • Strategically placed stylish grab bars throughout, can make it easier and safer.

Take a Seat;

  1. Sturdy seating options can easily make your bathroom more accessible,
  2. Adding a built-in shower seat helps alleviate the potential of falling.
  3. Choosing some alternative seating outside the shower provides a safe place to rest while getting dressed afterwards.

Whatever your reason for needing to adapt your bathroom, we can find the solution for you.  Just pop into the Living Needs showroom halfway down Mill Road in Barnstaple, or call 01271 374600 to arrange a free home visit. You’ll also find us online at www.livingneeds.co.uk.